Hi Ref (South Africa)

HiRef (South Africa) introduces the Hi range of industrial Air conditioning equipment, produced in South Africa for local and export market a joint venture with HiRef International and Bueco.

HiRef SA pursues the ideals of protecting the environment, providing physical comfort and adopting energy-saving into the whole process of product R&D, manufacturing and service.  Our products covering, Industrial, commercial and close control air-conditioners are manufactured according to global accepted standards.

What we offer

HiAir, Air Handling series features a complete range of standard products which are integrated with tailor-made solutions:  offers in chilled water and direct expansion units.

HiFan, Fan coil series features a complete range of standard products.  Inceilng ducted in low and high static, wall, under the ceiling and cassettes units available in two and four pipe units.

HiChill, Air and water cooled series feature a complete range of standard chillers with a wide range of options, available in screw and scroll compressors.

HiHeat, Heat pump series features a complete range of standard air and water cooled heat pump units in screw and scroll compressors units.