Rooftop Packaged Unit


Compact design.  Flanges of air flow inlet and outlet are standard.  It is suitable for installation on rooftops and on the ground.  Rooftop package air conditioners are designed and manufactured to offer the all-in-one solutions for large halls, warehouses or other applications.

Rooftop Packaged Unit

  1. High efficiency and energy saving
  2. Stable and reliable
  3. Low noise quality
  4. Intelligent control
  5. Compact structure
  6. Easy to operate
  7. Convenient maintenance

Safety device

High and low voltage protection, anti freeze protection, over-current protection, phase sequence protection, overload protection.

Cooling and Heat pump capacity 12kW to 300kW in 18 models

HiAir units are completely assembled, piped and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging.  Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of refrigerant-140A for storage and shipping.

HiAir rooftop packaged units can offer the perfect combination of superior product quality, high operating efficiency and cost efficiency.

The compact design, attractive appearance, outstanding anti-rust cabinet and quiet operation make these units suitable for almost any building type.  Compressors are mounted on rubber isolators to reduce the vibration during transportation.  Vertical discharge condenser fans direct sound upward and away from any surrounding structures.

All sheet metal parts are constructed from commercial grade galvanized steel.  After fabrication, each part is cleaned thoroughly to remove any grease or dirt from its surfaces.  External parts are powder coated to assure a quality finish for many years.