For Residential and Commercial buildings,
Hotels, Offices, Stores and Hospitals

BCP ducted units are an optimal solution for limited space, mainly used for installation in false ceilings.


BDH units a solution for under-ceiling or floor installation, mainly used in areas without a false ceiling.

BUC units are low sound units with attractive panels for ceiling or floor installations.

BCF ceiling cassettes grant high performance with low sound and perfect air distribution.


  • Cooling standard conditions:  Inlet air DB temp. 27°C, WB temp. 19.5°C, water inlet temp. 7°C, water outlet temp. 12°C
  • Heating standard conditions:  Inlet air DB 21°C, water inlet temp. 60°C
  • DC motor, thermostat, 2way or 3way motorized valve is optional
  • 2 and 4 pipes available