Tailor-made system solutions

Cooling Capacity range from 6kw to 200kw
Airflow 1000m3/h to 200 000m3/h

The requirements on air handling systems are not always the same.  In many application, all that is required is a straight forward exchange of air, whereas in other application the requirement can be very exacting, with regard to temperature, humidity and purity of air.  HiAir handling units have a modular design and can be individually configured.  In this way the appropriate solution can be assembled using our modular design principle for each application in high tech areas or classic buildings.

HiAir handling units are constructed with high strength extruded Aluminium to form rigid frame and a thermal barrier feature using three leg corner pieces, 25, 30 or 50 mm Polyurethane (PU) insulation panels and frames are insulated with 3 mm PE foam to minimize energy heat loss and prevent condensation occurring.  The external clip method holding the double skin PU insulated panels are easily accessible for maintenance while being airtight.  Our new thermal-break profile provides higher insulation properties, reduced noise levels and energy saving.

Automated Selection

Air Handling Units Capacity

Air Entering Temp

Air entering temp. DB 27°C, WB 19.5°C, entering water temp. 7°C, leaving water temp. 12°C